Why ?

Through  our online courses, anyone who wants to learn the tamil language, gets to  learn it from the scratch in a fun, dynamic way. Our "Do it yourself"  style courses have been designed keeping both the beginner and the  experienced in mind. Our courses bridge the gap between traditional  grammar and the contemporary spoken language. To know more just take up  our demo courses. 



The  learning process has been segregated into multiple courses starting  from the very basics. The student will begin with the demo course to get  the grasp of how our learning-system works. On completion, the student  will move on to the next level courses. It will be a step by step  process to ensure the learning rather course completion. Every single  course will have multiple lessons , assignments and tests.

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Mission Statement

Since  our founding, we have been developing new techniques that  help students to confidently move forward in their learning journey. We  provide wide range of courses to support students from all backgrounds  and levels. In addition to e-learning courses, we do offer linguistic  service like translation.


Status PAGE

Visit nallatamil's status page to check for the most up to date information about our system health in the status indicators in the below link. We consistently update this page to ensure you to easily follow what’s  going on.